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Deep Learning for
42% of publisher pages
mention products and brands.
That's targeting
cash money gold.

To target ads, you have to know
which content is relevant

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And which products it mentions

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Mulu's API identifies the precise products
mentioned on each publisher page

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Powering dynamic ad creative
to boost CTR by 230%

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And building user interest graphs for
retargeting based on the products
users click on, read about and share

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How does it work?

Mulu uses your existing product feed to
programmatically identify mentions of any product
from your inventory on any set of domains...

Serving the right product from
an advertiser's inventory
every place the
product is featured

The Mulu API is available with
flexible terms to meet your needs
and scale with your business.

Number of URLsSubscription Price 
Up to 50,000 / mo FREE
Up to 200,000 / mo$250 / mo
Up to 2M / mo$2,500 / mo
Up to 4M / mo$5,000 / mo
Over 4M / moContact us

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